Billing Department

The City of Kings Mountain is a full service utility community which provides electric, natural gas, sewer, and water services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The Utility/Billing Department is responsible for the billing and collection of utility and other services provided by the City of Kings Mountain.

The City of Kings Mountain will treat its citizens in a fair and indiscriminate manner, while recognizing the distinct needs and requirements of each customer. The City of Kings Mountain will strive to provide fast and friendly service, while assuring the safety of the public and employees alike.

Collection Information

Due Dates & Late Fees

Receipt of payments on utility accounts is due on the 20th of each month by 5 p.m. to avoid a late fee. Utility accounts with a balance of $10 or more after 5 p.m. on the 20th of each month will accrue a late fee of 1% of the balance due with a minimum of $10.

If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday the due date will be the following business day by 5 p.m.

Receipt of payment on utility account is due the last day of each month by 5 p.m. to avoid disconnection of service and additional processing fees.

Payment Methods

For our customers convenience the city accepts bank draft, cash, personal check, e-check, and credit cards for utility payment. Credit card and e-check payment customers must pay online. You can make your credit card or e-check payment from home or use our kiosk in the City Hall lobby.