Water Resources

The City of Kings Mountain Water Supply is Moss Lake. Moss Lake is a 15,000,000,000 gallon impoundment located 7 miles west of Kings Mountain on Oak Grove Rd.

Our water is treated at the T. J. Ellison Water Treatment Plant located at Moss Lake. The Water Plant is undergoing a major upgrade that is scheduled to be completed in December of 2016. This upgrade includes increasing the capacity from 8 million gallons to 12 million gallons per day.

We have just completed the installation of a 36” water main that will replace a 24” water main that was put into service in 1972. 

Moss Lake Map
Ellison Water Plant2

The City of Kings Mountain Water Resources Department consists of five divisions with 28 employees.

·        Administration (3 employees)

·        Water Treatment Plant (5 employees)

·        Maintenance (7 employees)

·        Wastewater Plant (6 employees)

·        Pump/Collections System (7 employees)

The City of Kings Mountain maintains 107 miles of water mains, 107 miles of sewer mains, and 32 pump stations.