Some of our forms have associated fees and cannot be submitted online. 

Also note that some of our forms require a grace period for processing or approval.

How Do I Get A Permit?

the builder
Form Name
Affidavit for Family Subdivision
Subdivision Plat Application Form
Application for Amending the Zoning Ordinance
Notice of Appeal
Zoning/Sign Permit Application
Application for Temporary, Mobile or Seasonal Use
New or Change of Address Request Form
Commercial- New Business Verification
Conditional Use Permit Application
Fence Permit Application-Commercial over 6' 
Fence Permit Application-RES COM
Temp Use Application SR37
Zoning- Double Wide in a Mobile Home Park
Zoning- Double Wide on Individual Lot
Zoning-For Accessory Structures
Zoning-Single Wide
Zoning Permit for Pools
Zoning Permit