Engine 282

One of the newer additions to the Kings Mountain fleet is Engine 282, a 1998 Pierce Saber Pumper/Tanker. The truck has a four-door, six occupant cab and is powered by a Detroit Diesel, 300 hp engine and an Allison MD 3060R automatic transmission. Engine 282 carries on it a 1250 GPM, two stage Waterous pump and a 1000 gallon polypropylene tank. Engine 282 carries 1200 feet of 4 inch hose, 500 feet of 3 inch hose, has 3 1 3/4" preconnects, 1 2 1/2" preconnect and 1 bumper mount preconnect. In addition 282 has a 3500 watt Honda generator, electric fan, 6 Scott air packs, deck gun and hydraulic ladder rack.

Engine 283

The oldest member of the Engine fleet, and also mutual aid pumper, is this 1985 Pierce Dash, which has a 1250 GPM Waterous pump and 750 gallon tank. On board Engine 283 is 1000 feet of 4" hose, 400 feet of 3" hose, 2 1 3/4" preconnects, 1 2 1/2" preconnect, and 1 1 1/2" preconnect. In addition 283 contains a 3000 watt Honda generator, deck gun, and arrives on scene with 5 Scott air packs. 


Engine 284

The newest member of the fleet is Engine 284, a 2003 Pierce Dash Pumper, with a 1000 gallon tank , 1,500 GPM single stage Waterous Pump, hydraulic ladder rack and 8kw Harrison generator. 284 now is the first due engine in the City. The department purchased 284 in late 2002 and took delivery of the truck on May 21, 2003. This purchase makes the entire fleet of engines and ladders exclusively Pierce products.


Ladder 1

A long awaited addition to Kings Mountain's fleet is Ladder-1, a 2000 Pierce Dash 75' Heavy Duty Ladder Truck. Originally built as a demo unit for Pierce, Kings Mountain purchased the truck in late May 2000 and brought it home June 6. July 31 Ladder-1 responded on its first call to assist Shelby Fire Department with a structure fire.